Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors

A good quality baby monitor is an essential for your baby's nursery. You could go through the baby monitor reviews found online to understand the various features and help you choose.  I have a much better suggestion. First, let's have an over view of the various types of monitors.

Wireless Baby Monitor

The wireless baby monitor is a good alternative to the wired variety. You can enjoy the mobility and flexibility while still keeping an eye on your baby. The equipment helps you listen to the tiniest movements of your baby. As these are wireless, you are not restricted to go anywhere within the range as you can easily carry the wireless baby monitor with you.

Best Baby Video Monitor

With a video baby monitor, you can watch what is happening without disturbing your baby. You can monitor your baby even when you are doing other jobs. This gives full freedom both for mother and infant.

There are a number of brands and types of video baby monitors available in the market. Some have LED lights that illuminate to indicate that your baby is crying. Some have the option of turning on the lullabies when your baby is restless. Some models come with belt clips. This will allow you to have the video baby monitor with you all the time.

My Recommendation:

Whether you choose the simple audio baby monitor, wireless monitor or the baby video monitor, read the customer reviews. I have always made good choices by reading customer reviews on products I have an interest in buying.

Customers who have already bought and use the product, lay it on the line about the pros and cons, with comments such as:
".....All that is my way of saying we love this monitor. With my medical background and having witnessed the tragedy of SIDS many times, I'm hyper paranoid when it comes to our new daughter. I'll do anything and spend any amount of money to make sure I've done everything within my power to keep her safe. This product gives us peace of mind and allows us to sleep a little better at night. We've had no false alarms so far and the sound quality seems just fine. The night light function is pretty cool too. My only complaint would be..."

Nowadays, it is really difficult for any parent to be able to be by their child's side 24/7. It is good to know that technology has managed to make life easier by giving busy parents the option to keep an eye on their precious little one even when they aren't in the same room.