Best Baby Strollers

Best Baby Strollers

Choosing From The Best Baby Strollers

The best baby strollers will meet your needs and keep your infant or toddler comfortable and content at the same time. This way, you can go to the park, visit the zoo, or just take a walk around the block without having to worry about whether little legs can keep up or mom and dad's arms can hold up!

Price and weight are often major considerations when choosing a stroller. Lightweight strollers are easier to lift in and out of cars, often fold smaller and thus fit into smaller spaces, and offer maximum convenience, but typically don't have as many features as larger strollers. Some new top of the line baby strollers available can charge your smart phone, fold and unfold themselves, as well as keep track of how many miles you've pushed them, but they're liable to be expensive and sometimes heavy.

A double stroller is a must for parents and caregivers with multiple small children. Depending on the individual child, kids can ride in a stroller up to about the age of four. A few are equipped to handle even older kids. Some jogging strollers have weight limits of 75 pounds! Chair-type strollers that children don't need to be lifted in and out of are best for older, heavier kids, for the sake of mom and dad's backs.

Active parents might be interested in a sports stroller so that their exercise regime doesn't suffer. Although many of these are jogging strollers, there are also some alternatives for parents and caregivers who prefer other sports. Strollers with large wheels and defined tread can let the kids go along on a trail hike, and strollers that double as bicycle trailers can allow family bike rides to be a reality.

Several baby stroller manufacturers such as Britax, Graco and UPPAbaby offer complete travel system packages that include stroller, car seat and bassinet.

A complete travel system may be a more economical way to go.

Car Seat Hook Up Option

For a tiny infant, a stoller with car seat or at least a hookup, can be extremely convenient. These strollers are often simply frames with wheels and a handle, into which an infant car seat can be clipped. This way, baby doesn't have to be woken by being moved between devices. There are some more advanced models that can be modified into a stand-alone stroller once baby outgrows the carseat, too.

Finally, the best baby strollers have your comfort and convenience in mind. Depending on your needs, this might be a cup holder in the handle for that morning latte while you stroll, or a great big basket for the diaper bag under the seat. Top of the line models can incorporate almost anything you can think of in one stroller, but if you're looking to save a little cash, you can decide which add-ons are most important to you and let the rest go.

A good baby stroller is an invaluable asset in raising or caring for a small child. Whether you like quiet strolls through the park or going on a five-mile jog with your toddler, there's a stroller for you. The outdoors is good for you and the baby, so bundle him or her up (or slather on sunscreen, whichever the weather dictates) and get outside!