Gear for Multiple Babies

Gear for Multiple Babies

This mom knows ...

As a mother of now 3 year old twins myself, I can tell you exactly what gear for multiple babies you will need in your arsenal for the first year of life with your twins, triplets, or more. Sweet smelling, treasured memories, double kisses, double diapers, double onsies, double snuggles it is really double the joy and then some.

When you first find out your expecting multiples, you're full of joy, anticipation, and excitement as well as everyone around you. Then reality sets in you are having TWINS, TRIPLETS, or more and you will need much more gear for multiple babies in your arsenal than a mother expecting a single infant. You will notice a trend with family and friends wanting to help out in any way possible to ensure you are ready for your special deliveries.

Family and friends will love to buy clothes for your new bundles, and you will too. It's so fun, easy, and effortless to shop online and have gear for the multiple babies delivered right to your door. Plus, tiny clothes for multiples are so cute to shop for online since you're probably stuck at home and on bed rest following doctors' orders.

When looking to start your arsenal of gear for multiples, remember, clothes are needed for the many outings you will soon be venturing bravely into, with hands full of babies.

There are some basics that you will absolutely need. For the first month or so, you could get by with only one crib, but ultimately ... multiple cribs, multiple swings, multiple baby seats, car seats and a twin stroller or Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller for multiple babies.

Gifts And Baby Showers:

It sure seemed as if washcloths came in every gift basket I received or at my baby shower when I was expecting my twins. When I think about how many baths my twins took and think about how many hooded towels for every bath X 2 or more,... bath towels were a necessity. At 3 my twins still use hooded towels.

Instead of outfits, ask for hooded bath towels. Be sure to ask plenty of family members to give hooded towels to help fill your stock. They will be used longer and have a better purpose. Plus it leaves buying the fun stuff like clothes to you.

Diapers are always needed in your arsenal of gear for multiples. Never can you have enough diapers. Be sure to let your family and friends know if they are planning on bringing diapers for your precious newborns, to grab the BIG box.

Make it fun and have everyone bring diapers of all sizes from newborn to pull ups for your baby shower, you will be glad you did. Find a place where you can store your diapers that is easily accessible but will be ok for long term storage and get ready for the load of diapers you will accumulate. For twins, triplets, or more you can't even count the amount of diapers they will go through. Never can you have enough diapers! This might be a good time to consider cloth diapers as well, and use the disposables to supplement.

If family and friends want to help fill up your arsenal with gear for multiple babies, let them know that hooded towels and diapers of all sizes will take you a very long way in the first year and beyond.

You can shop for the cute clothes and they are more than welcome to throw in outfits for your multiple babies. The more help from family and friends,.. the better.