Hoohobbers Videos

For over 30 years, Hoohobbers products have received enthusiastic customer reviews and endorsements!

No other company makes such a compact, portable line of children's products. Products that children, themselves, can carry and use anywhere, anytime.

Hoohobbers products can be divided into two major categories:

Hard Goods: They call this their 'furniture' items. They prefer to use the term 'Hard Goods' because 'furniture' usually refers to bulky, heavy and stationary items. Their 'hard goods' are durable, lightweight, and fold to be portable. Assembly is never required - they're good to go the moment you open the box.

Soft Goods: These are fabric items that range from Moses Baskets, bedding, bibs to art smocks.

Their products continue to meet the real world needs of kids. I know you'll love shopping through Hoohobbers line of products either for gifts or for your own family needs. You can find Hoohobbers in the Browse Brands menu to the left.

The videos highlight some of the products, features and benefits of buying Hoohobbers.


heart bullet   Benefits Of Hoohobbers Moses Basket


heart bullet   Benefits of Hoohobbers Crib Bedding


heart bullet   Benefits of Hoohobbers Baby Rocker


heart bullet   Benefits of Hoohobbers Jr. Director Chair